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Summer 2024

Our high school teams are set to kick off their schedule either in late May or early June. Start dates for each team/player will vary, contingent upon age and individual high school playoff commitments.

Summer workouts will be relatively limited due to the intensity of the fast-paced season. When scheduled, these sessions will take place across various locations in the Melissa, Celina, and Gunter area for outdoor practices. Additionally, indoor sessions may occur at NTL Performance in Celina.

The NTL summer schedule is geared towards high-end tournaments for all teams. Our primary focus will involve participating in top-tier events such as Five Tool, AABC, Perfect Game, and Big Fire Showcase tournaments.

Maintaining the standard for all NTL athletes, high school athletes can engage in performance training led by Anthony Boling on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. These sessions are aimed at maximizing their potential and performance on the field and will continue during season. 

For more information, please contact: 

Summer 2024 Teams

2024 Zamora

2024 Phillips

2025 Boddie

2025 Vice

2026 Williams

2026 Baxter

2026 Stephens

2027 Jones

2027 Tatusko

2027 McEwan

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