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Established in 2007, the North Texas Longhorns program has always focused on player development both on and off the field. The ultimate goal of our coaches is to train and prepare our athletes for the high school and collegiate levels. Player development is a journey our athletes take with our coaches toward improving their performance both on the field and in the classroom.  



We've had the privilege of coaching players that have moved on to compete at the collegiate and professional levels. Our players are followed and heavily recruited by some of the best programs in the nation. We are proud to have players currently playing/committed to play in the Toronto Blue Jays organization, Big 12, Big 10, SEC, Sun Belt, MWC, C-USA West, and American Athletic West conferences, with many more on the horizon.    


Our commitment to our athletes goes beyond the baseball field. We are committed to preparing them to be successful student athletes and ultimately in life. The skills and lessons our players are learning on the baseball field are skills that will carry them through life adventures long after they retire their gloves and bats. 

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